ORC Week 1 - Colorful Laundryroom Redo!

Hello all! Are you ready for another ORC ride of a lifetime? Well, come aboard for the next chapter of the popular One Room Challenge; Fall 2021. You will get a front-row view of twenty design influencers and countless numbers of guest participants working tirelessly to decorate a space in just eight short weeks. Occasionally, you'll be provided with updates of our progress as well as obstacles that may potentially pop up along the way. 

My next plan of attack - My laundry room. The space is currently minimally functional and generally lacking the well sought after, visual appeal. I literally just registered last night, sooo, I will only be doing a quick refresh just to bring it up to par. 

Here are a few items indicating what to expect for the room. Hopefully, I won't change my mind during the process but if I do I will be sure to let you know. 

ORC: Week 8 - Fun and Colorful Bedroom Reveal!

Hello lovelies! It's such a pleasure having you here today. After 8 long weeks of hard work and strong determination, I have arrived at the finish line of the popular One Room Challenge...YAY! Be prepared to enter a world filled with bursts of colors, healthy fruit treats, a couple friends of the wild, and countless loads of fun. 
Are you now ready for a very dramatic and exciting reveal? 
Well, ready or not here it comes! 

I DID warn you! It's dramatic...lol. Lots of color dripping from the ceiling, seeping through the walls, and springing up from the ground :)

Painted arrow and little fellow's DIY art

His exact sentiments just one day before the reveal...

This little birdie has been his loyal sidekick for 6 years. He recently pointed out to me that its legs are falling off so I'll need to add some sewing to my to-do list :)

I totally love this crayon saving bank, picked up at Dollar Tree some years ago.

I found these ottomans at Target 6 years ago on clearance for $7.99 each. They were leftovers from their college supply. I reupholstered them for my daughter's room at the time and plan on redoing them in the near future. For now, I think the print works, and the little fellow is also quite happy with it.

DIY matte made from green construction paper

He likes indulging in anything  citrusy, hence these yummy-looking pillows.

This was a happy room refresh because with the exception of the dot decals, bed linen, the marquee letter P, and the citrus pillows, we already owned all items in the space. Everything else were either repurposed, repainted, or swapped out to match the intended décor and theme. 

Felt map that he's owned for years...

Smile! Never throw away your kids' pretty dental appointment cards. Why? Because you can use them to make the most amazing art pieces. 

 I swapped out his wooden side table for this red table which was originally black because I think it works a lot better here.

Spray painted fan blades

It is absolutely amazing what a little paint can do. I must admit that yellow would never have been my go-to color had my son not requested to have it in the room but I have to confess that I. Am.Totally. In. Love!
His only request was for paint - "Mommy my room is so boring. Can you paint it yellow and blue? Yellow is my favorite color...and paint my bed, and can you paint my dresser too? And mommy, please no white walls"
No white walls! I tricked him, didn't I?  ha!

He wanted to put his own stamp on the space so he DIY these art pieces.

As soon as I started the makeover he got really busy creating them which he insisted upon being included in the decoration process.

...and as reminder here's a before picture for you. Pretty boring right? Well, as of today, boring doesn't live here anymore :)

Finally, my mask is off and now I can breathe...a sigh of relief...lol.
The little fellow is absolutely thrilled with his new space. For a kid who doesn't show much expression, except for when playing video games, I must say that this time around he just could not contain the excitement.  

A big thank you to Linda for organizing and hosting the One Room Challenge, Also, to Better Homes and Gardens for being the official sponsor of this fun event. 
Also, thank you kindly for stopping by! I hope that I succeeded in adding a bit of sunshine and happiness to your day. 
Before you go, don't forget to head on over to the One Room Challenge homepage and show some love to my fellow participants. Have a very blessed and peaceful day! 


ORC: Week 3 - Painting and Priming!

Good day my lovelies and welcome to Week three of another exciting ORC update! It's always a pleasure having you visit my little blog. This makeover began 3 weeks ago so I would encourage you to visit Week 1 and Week 2  if you're interested in seeing my plan and how I progressed to this point. 

Let's just start by saying that for the past few days I've been dabbling in primer and paint...lol. The first victim was this lovely bunk bed, a much-desired piece that my kids used whenever we had guests and they had to give up their rooms. My little fellow requested to have it moved to his room and so I'll be swapping out his full-sized bed and replacing it with this one. My original intention was to paint it completely red but I think it looks great as is. What do you all think? Do you agree? 

Well, after much deliberation, the votes are in and the winner is, drumroll please-Dum-ba dump-ba dump __________number 2, "Soft Boiled by Behr!" 💛

I honestly was afraid of painting with this color but I think I've grown to love it! It's the little fellow's favorite and you all know that it's best to, "give the people what they want." 

I had to have the majority of the wall patched and of course, I forgot to get paint sanders so the painting of the wall got delayed. Not to worry though, I still kept on going; priming and painting everything in sight, hahaha. The dresser and knobs were next in line and now that they're done, I must admit that I feel much relief to have gotten this far. 

Plans are underway for creating a little design feature for these drawers...

and the knobs are al-RED-dy looking like new :)

Week 4! Ready or not, here I come! Have a great weekend everyone and before you go, please head on over to the One Room Challenge website and show some love to my fellow guest participants.

ORC Week 2 - Mellow Yellow for my Little Fellow!

Hello, lovelies! Welcome to Week 2 of the One Room Challenge. It's such a pleasure having you here. I invite you to please join me on this journey as I decorate a colorful and fun bedroom for my eight-year-old. The little fellow requested yellow for his room and further begged me to make it look bright. If you are curious as to how it all started, take a look back at Week 1.  

Now let's get to the good part where all the colors bond together to partake in the fun. After much asking, pondering, and researching, I was able to come up with this plan:

ORC Week 1- Boy's Fun Bedroom Makeover!

It's that time of year when 20 design influencers and a countless number of guest participants go crazy decorating a space in just six short weeks. For each of those weeks, we provide an update of our progress while detailing tiny hiccups encountered along the way. What's even more awesome this time around is the eight weeks extension granted to us by our lovely host, Linda. Hopefully, this new adjustment will enable us to complete the task with the least amount of stress. 

We usually have lots of fun choosing beautiful paint colors, breaking a golden sweat, and pampering our lovely bodies at the end of each tiresome day. So, I invite you all to please hop on board and get ready for the ride of a lifetime. (I'm really excited, can you tell? ...Teehee)