Guest Bathroom Reveal! - ORC : Week 7

Hello everyone! Reveal day has finally come! For the very first time in ORC history, designers and guest participants received the opportunity to revel in the excitement from an extra week of decorating. Thanks to our lovely host, Linda, who graciously considered individuals affected by our most recent natural disasters. 

A big thank you to my amazing sponsors - Pfister, HomeRight, and Sylvie Demers, who assisted me with the completion of this makeover. 

...and without further ado, I present to you the long anticipated Guest Bathroom Makeover!

Let me remind you of what I started with

Unfinished paint job, missing towel ring, and the list goes on...
The linoleum was ripped out about three months prior to the ORC.

Now, let's just pretend we are re-entering, only this time, it's a newly refreshed space - Come on in!

I love how calming the wallpaper is. It gives me the feeling of being transported to a place of tranquil whenever I step inside the room. 

Laure Art print

I partnered with the lovely Sylvie Demers to use two of her beautiful art prints in the space.  Both prints are from her "madam" collection and she undoubtedly, has amazing skills.  

Well, enough chit-chatting. I will now let the rest of the photos speak for themselves, and I promise to only interject whenever it necessitates the situation.

Isn't this faucet a beau? It is by Pfister, from the Ladera collection, and is very well-constructed. It has such a sleek and unique design. I love its clean lines, classy look, and not to mention, it also comes in different configurations. The centerset is my favorite, and the interesting thing about it is, unlike many other faucets, it has no need of plumber's putty seal because it is made using Titeseal technology. This feature made it a breeze for my hubby to install.

It is perfectly functional for kids with stubby little hands. Due to its long curves, they can easily reach forward, without stretching or tip-toeing too much to get to the water. My five year old is very happy with it, and enjoys washing his hands just a little bit more now. He exclaimed, "Look mommy, I can reach it!" lol. Did I mention it comes with a lifetime warranty? Awesome right? 

The faucet comes with a push and seal drain. This is a new and improved drain assembly that installs easily, unlike older models that are usually attached to a lever found behind the base of the faucet. Using it is as easy as pressing once to seal, and again, to reopen. The warranty covers function and finish for a lifetime. It can be purchased here.       

Can we just talk about this "so-called" vanity light for a minute. I love it so much. It was made solely for the purpose of being hung vertically, and could either be hardwired, or plugged in.
My dedicated hubby worked his magic by shortening the cord, re-routing it, and mounting the light horizontally, to make it work in the space. 


I am happy I found these galvanized hooks. Unlike many other towel hooks, they have limited protrusion, and the towels seem to stay put when hung. 

I shopped around for a Tub/Shower faucet but could not find anything I truly liked. While perusing the Internet, I stumbled upon this one, and fell in love with the aesthetics, its "all-metal" construction, and even more compelling, the Pfister Pforever warranty that covers finish and function for life. What more could a girl ask for? Well, I could ask if I could try it out, ha, and I did. 
Pfister was kind enough to honor my request, and upon reception of the product, I was amazed at how sturdy, and well-constructed it was. My plumber had a similar reaction to seeing it, and when I removed it from the box, he blurted out in a soft tone, "This is really a good faucet!" I must also add, that Pfister included the bath faucet as well. 

I love rain shower heads because they are often water sense. So even though this is the guest bathroom, I do intend to use it on occasions :). The entire construction is made from metal with the addition of brass ball joints. Usually, there is some type of plastic material mixed in when you examine most faucets.

DISCLAIMER: I received the Pfister Bath Faucet, and the Pfister Tub and Shower Faucet for the purposes of testing and reviewing them. I received no other compensation. All opinions expressed, are unbiased, completely honest, and 100% my own.

Thanks for stopping by. Please go here to see the amazing finale of the ORC. Have a great weekend! 

HomeRight Paint Stick EZ Twist Review : ORC - Week 6

This post is sponsored by HomeRight.

Hello everyone! Welcome to the final stretch of the One Room Challenge that involves 20 designers and more than 200 guest participants decorating a space in 6 short weeks. Regretfully, I did not post anything for week five so I worked hard this past week trying to catch up. You can refer back to each week to review my progress.
                       Week 2 - Started here
               Week 5 - No post
                        Week 6 - You are here

I mentioned in a previous post that I planned on painting the bathroom ceiling before tackling the installation of the wallpaper. I had heard great things about the famous Paint Stick EZ Twist, so I thought it would be a good idea to try it out. HomeRight was gracious enough to send me one immediately after I reached out to them, and, oh my gosh! Let me just say to you that this paint stick totally changed my "painting" life. First of all, I had no need of a drop cloth because there was absolutely no drips to contend with. Second, there was no reason to use a paint tray. Remarkably, the Paint Stick came with a fill tube which transfers the paint directly from the can to the stick, then finally to the roller. Last, it helped me complete the job in a very short amount of time.  

Guest Bathroom Update - ORC: Week 4

Before I begin, let me first say how happy I am to learn of the one week extension to the One Room Challenge, provided to us by Linda. I happened to have gotten this information from cocoandjack's blog, in case some of you are interested in verifying it. 

Well, I must add that this week has been pretty much smooth-sailing, as I do not recall experiencing any hiccups. I patched and sanded the torn drywall, and painted the room. Although I plan on using wallpaper, it only adheres to painted surfaces, so painting was a must. I received the vanity, and I like the white, but I am really itching to paint it - decisions, decisions, hmmm. Also, after much seeking, I finally got a contractor who agreed to install the floor tiles this upcoming Saturday. Believe me when I say, I cannot move forward until this happens because almost everything else is contingent upon the tile installation. I cannot have a vanity and toilet put in before this work order is completed. So, do you really know how excited I am about gaining an additional week? Super-excited! :)
 The contractor will be replacing the tub/shower faucet this weekend, as well. 

If you have been following along, you would recall I changed my design plan. Here are few items I received to use in the space... I am in love with this wallpaper. The colors are so very subtle.

New Guest Bathroom Plan: Week 3 - ORC

With time swiftly passing, I catapulted into "Usain" mode, where I picked up some lightning speed  :). For those of you who are unfamiliar with the name Usain Bolt, he is a recently retired Jamaican sprinter, and is the first person to hold both the 100 and 200 meters world records since fully automatic time became mandatory. 

Well, before I delve into my situation, let me first say thank you to my amazing sponsor, Pfister who graciously partnered with me to redo this space. I am eternally grateful for the brands that help to support this blog.

Now back to basics - if you have been following along, then you might recall the design board I previously posted for my bathroom makeover here. The plan included a very bright floral wallpaper, colorful pom pom basket, and a tassel shower curtain. Well, I should let you know, I received the wallpaper in the mail, and was very excited to have it hung. But alas, to my dismay, after unrolling it, I watched as the bathroom quickly drowned in all its brilliance. It was difficult to accept that the wallpaper dominated and overwhelmed the tiny space, when held up against the wall. This disappointment quickly prompted a change, however, and here I am today, with a new plan of action; ready and anxious to execute. I have included links to the items in case you are interested in purchasing. 

Bathroom Design Revamp

Guest Bathroom Makeover - ORC: Week 2

Well, after much pondering, I decided to join with the group of participants in the ever so famous One Room Challenge. It is now in its 10th season, and involves a group of designers and guests who make over a room/space in just 6 short weeks. The excitement comes from watching each of us push ourselves to the limit while working within time constraints; and might I add, the end results are always amazing! 

For this challenge, I will be making over my guest bathroom which unfortunately, is quite a mess in its current state. No worries, I created a design board to take my mind away from all the ugliness that surrounds me :).

Design Board

The floor tile I chose, is temporarily out of stock, so I am keeping my fingers crossed it will be restocked in time for me to complete the work. If not, I will need to go searching for something else. 

Land of the Free! Home of the Brave!

Happy Independence my friends! It is the best feeling in the world to have the reassurance that you are free - free from oppression; free from pain, free from bondage and chains. Just possessing basic knowledge of the fact that we can move about expressly as we so desire, brings total peace of mind. 
I am thankful for this God-given freedom and for the men and women who fought valiantly so that we could attain this right. 
Yesterday, I celebrated with my family in the simplest of fashion. Despite the simplicity, we bonded over food :), and all plans for dieting went out the window.