Must-Have Back to School Products!

July marks the end of summer for kids living in the south. Fun days are over, and on this side of the globe we are chanting, 'A' is for August, and it's back to school again. Well, if we make learning fun, kids will never even notice the difference. My 4 year old started preschool at home and he is super-duper excited and eager to learn. 

At the end of each day, he asks, "Mommy, is there anything else for me to do". I mean, this makes me happy but I must admit, I was taken aback by his level of enthusiasm. 

 We begin each morning with our calendar which I use to teach and enhance his math skills. It comes laminated in the front but I laminated the numbers and simply added tape to the back for him to stick on each day (this is temporary as I plan to get some tacky glue soon). I have always wanted to get him a preschool calendar, and I found Scholastic Teacher's Friend Super Sunshine! Calendar Bulletin Board to be the perfect fit for our little room. I purchased it from here

Doesn't it make you happy just looking at it? The calendar really cheers up the room and brings the sunshine in {pun intended :-) }.

My little man was also elated when I received this bulletin board set. When I saw it, I just had to get it for him. The set has different outfits that he can change to fit the weather of the day; outfits for rainy days, sunny days, and snowy days. He loves dressing him up. 
Added hat, sunglasses shirt, shorts, and shoes
    Also enclosed in the set was a season's chart and a weather chart. The room is looking so cheery now.

We are currently working on letter C, and he gets to underline all the letter C's he finds in the C poem.
These lidded containers are so versatile. I use them to store bulletin board accessories among other things.

My little man loves painting, and I cannot wait for him to try out these no spill paint cups and brushes. They come 10 in a set each cup has a matching color-coordinated brush. The brightly colored lids allow you to easily identify the color of the paint inside, and the outer lid securely seals cup while inner lid keeps paint from spilling and serves as a brush holder.

I use a letter from an alphabet foam mat to create our "letter mystery bag". In it you will find lots of small items beginning with our letter of the day. We also use it to play  the "what's missing game". You can purchase a similar one here.

Multiplication Chart for my 9 year old

This book can be found online. It is without a doubt, very hilarious. A little girl nervously counts down the days to when she will start kindergarten. She is fearful because she cannot tie her shoelace, so she does silly things to her shoes to avoid wearing them. You will have to buy the book to know the rest of the story sorry :-).  You may notice, I try to incorporate as much as possible that relates to the letter discussed. 

I made two books using letter and number instructional accents; similar found here. I then used my trusty hole punch along with binder rings to secure alphabet and number cards to use as a booklet. I bought mine at Dollar Tree but you can also purchase 100 from here. With this method, little man can flip the cards to represent the number of the day (date), and the letter of the day.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you are inspired to prepare for another exciting school year. Have a great day.

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When I made over my daughter's bedroom a few years ago, I had no idea how much people would love it. 

This room makeover was very special to me because I personally made most of the items used to accessorize the space, at the same time making sure it was a fun place to be. 

My daughter was also super-thrilled to see that all her requests were granted and the expression seen on her face is forever etched in my memory for years to come :-).

To date the room has received more than 20,000 views, more than 100 comments, and lots of Facebook likes, coupled with pins on Pinterest. This is a strong indication of how much you all like doing things yourselves.

My daughter asked if I could redo her room when she turns 10, which will be next year. She loves the paint colors so much that she requested I keep it the same...yay!...happy mommy lol.

These are my inspiration photos for changing up the space. I will work on finishing it, and post for you to see. 
Have you noticed a recurring theme? ...a common trend? I will let you in on it when I do a final reveal!


The room was originally completed while participating in the popular "One Room Challenge (ORC) hosted by Linda at Calling It Home. The One Room Challenge is a biannual, trademarked event where 20 designers along with Linking Participants, complete a room/space within 6 weeks.
Well, thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!

ORC: Week 6 - Playroom Reveal!

 It is reveal day everyone, which simply means, "all pencils down!" I can seemingly hear the voice of my High School teachers echoing those words in my ears. As a student, it literally felt like a day of reckoning :-). Well, luckily for us participating in this challenge, we have an incredible host who allows for time extensions. We are given 3 days to submit our final reveal, after which submissions become closed. Considering, I used pencils in my playroom make-over, I can assure you every single one of them are in their place, all down :-).


Well, on with the tour:

Characters from Movie, "Inside Out". (My daughter drew them).

Magnetic board with foam and wood cut-outs...scenes are interchangeable.

DIY Hanging Clip Boards 

DIY Play Kitchen 

Awning for kitchen made using vanity light shade.

Pencil Art/Chalkboard Wall

I originally made a pencil to hang as part of the gallery wall, but sadly, or should I say fortunately, it did not blend in very well. As a result, a new idea was formed, which included making a partner-pencil to create a roof for the chalkboard. Now, I think it has found a new home, where they both can actually shine. 

Doorway Puppet Theater

I wanted to use every inch of space in the room, so I incorporated a doorway puppet theater, a knock-off version of the one sold by Land of Nod. It is kept hanging by tension rods, and my kids can lift it up to go inside the closet without having it removed. My daughter's baby gym was used to make the outer pocket.
The puppets are Bible characters, David and Goliath. {My daughter was my little model :-)}

Added contact paper to line computer desk drawers

This is the first wall clock I ever purchased. We share a very strong connection, hence my need to incorporate it in this space. "Oh how much my taste have changed." Lol.

My favorite accessory in the room; the rug...these pictures do not capture its real beauty. 

Meet Chef Peyton (3 yrs.)

Amberlee the Artist (8 yrs.)

Pencils down = )

Does anyone else share this sentiment? = ) 
Regrettably, this is the last space I will decorate for my kids, well, for now.  It is bitter-sweet, because although they get to enjoy the space, I know I will miss the unlimited bursts of creativity 'seeping through my veins'. This feeling mostly occurs while in kids' mode. Decorating adult spaces usually keep me confined to a specific set of order, and rules.

Well, did you enjoy the tour? I hope so :-) You will find both the tutorial for the pencil, and the inspiration for hanging the paint brush, here.

Kindly visit Calling It Home where you will see plenty of inspirational photos to assist you with decorating your home. As usual, thanks for stopping by, and have an enjoyable day/weekend. = )