Guest Bathroom Reveal! - ORC : Week 7

Hello everyone! Reveal day has finally come! For the very first time in ORC history, designers and guest participants received the opportunity to revel in the excitement from an extra week of decorating. Thanks to our lovely host, Linda, who graciously considered individuals affected by our most recent natural disasters. 

A big thank you to my amazing sponsors - Pfister, HomeRight, and Sylvie Demers, who assisted me with the completion of this makeover. 

...and without further ado, I present to you the long anticipated Guest Bathroom Makeover!

Let me remind you of what I started with

HomeRight Paint Stick EZ Twist Review : ORC - Week 6

This post is sponsored by HomeRight.

Hello everyone! Welcome to the final stretch of the One Room Challenge that involves 20 designers and more than 200 guest participants decorating a space in 6 short weeks. Regretfully, I posted nothing for week five so I worked hard this past week trying to catch up. You can refer back to each week to review my progress.
                       Week 2 - Started here
               Week 5 - No post
                        Week 6 - You are here

I mentioned in a previous post that I planned on painting the bathroom ceiling before tackling the installation of the wallpaper. I had heard great things about the famous PaintStick EZ Twist, so I thought it would be a good idea to try it out. HomeRight was gracious enough to send me one immediately after I reached out to them, and, oh my gosh! Let me just say to you that this paint stick totally changed my "painting" life. First of all, I had no need for a drop cloth because there were absolutely no drips to contend with. Second, there was no reason to use a paint tray. Remarkably, the Paint Stick came with a fill tube which transfers the paint directly from the can to the stick, then finally to the roller. Last, it helped me complete the job in a very short amount of time.