Reviving an Old Love Seat

Hello everyone! Today is the first day of summer and I hope you are hydrating to stay cool. I am sharing with you my very first attempt at reupholstery. A few years ago I received this old, beaten down sofa and did not want to part with it because of its good bones. Despite its unappealing nature it is extremely comfy and firm. The first thing I did was remove the seat covers to get an accurate measurement for the replacements.

Now, this is what the sofa looks like now...

and here is the sad state it was in before 

Afterwards, I got rid of the skirt to expose some beautiful wooden legs underneath, which I proceeded to paint white. I pretty much winged the rest of it, tugging and stapling until I was done. I am sorry to say I do not have progressive photos because I got extremely caught up trying to finish. I must also add that I used a manual stapler to do the job, which was a big no, no. (Please never try that at home- I beg of you). My fingers really suffered as a result :).

Now, here is the end product; a beautiful lounger that my kids can enjoy. Thanks for reading and have a great day/summer!