Take a Look - Stunning Chandelier! Week 4

Hello everyone! We are now in the fourth week of the One Room Challenge, and I am extremely excited, anxiously awaiting the completion of all the room makeovers. I am in the middle of redecorating my dining space, and would like to share this gorgeous chandelier with you all. It is the very stunning Vienna Full Spectrum Beverly 26" Wide Crystal Chandelier in a bronze finish, from Lamps Plus. As you can see, it is adorned with beautiful clear crystals, and I really, really, love it! 

It was super easy to install, and was quickly done by my husband who, I can assure you, is by no means an electrician. I suggested the addition of a ceiling medallion to enhance its looks. 

My four year old refers to the large round crystal, extending from the center, as a "disco ball" :-).

Lamps Plus has a huge selection, and I must admit I had a hard time deciding on which chandelier to choose for the room. In the end I managed to narrow it down to these. 
From left to right -
1. Gaviota Pendant  2. Vienna Full Spectrum  3. Possini Euro Nicol  4. Possini Euro Crystal

From there on I figured out which light fixture would most suitably work in the space. The room is close to completion, and should be as we are in the final stretch. 

I painted the brush stroke lamps and they seemingly overwhelm the space. They are large lamps, 24" high to be exact, but not to worry, plan B is set in motion, in case plan A fails.

The table is being stained and the change is already evident in the finish. 

I need to mention a minor disappointment I experienced yesterday. My artwork arrived broken in pieces; however I managed to work it out, and should receive a replacement within 24 hours. Well, that is all for now. Thanks for stopping by and please check out the other spaces over at Calling it Home

Have a great day/weekend!

This post was sponsored by Lamps Plus who provided me with this stunning chandelier. All opinions are completely mine. I appreciate sponsors like these who support my endeavors with regard to this blog!

Progress: ORC - Week 3

Here we are in Week 3 folks! We have made it thus far : ), and we will not give up until we reach the finish line. I do hope I am safe in saying this. Hopefully everyone else expresses similar sentiments.
Well, I am really excited as I gaze upon my very lovely chandelier now hung. It. is. so. very. beautiful (full stop). It adds a regal feel to the room and commands such presence.

 Thanks again Lamps Plus. Here is a peek of it hung, with the ceiling medallion.

Unfortunately nothing could be done about the popcorn ceiling. I contemplated removing it but because of the open floor plan on the first floor, all the rooms have connecting ceilings. Sadly, there is not even one definitive ceiling space to work with so the popcorn stays. The medallion proved a bit challenging because I did not want to use screws to hold it. I worked it out in the end and had it glued in no time.

The rug also arrived looking quite 'spiffy'. Maybe bright colors is not your thing, but I really and truly love it. It is 100% wool, very soft, and very thick. Please believe me when I say my 4 year old plays on it every day since its arrival. He loves it!

I received the tassel curtains as well, and nearly had them returned because they seemed a bit narrow. I am glad I changed  my mind though because they grew on me.

As the title of my post denotes, there is progress over here :). As a reminder here is my design plan for the room.

Thanks for stopping by and please pay a visit to Linda's blog to see the progress  my fellow participants have made.
Have a great day/weekend!

Dining Rm Makeover Plan: ORC - Week 2

We are currently in Week 2 of the One Room Challenge and I now have a better sense of direction as to where I am headed. Over the past week, I managed to put together a design plan to reveal my intentions for the space. The wall had already been painted Benjamin Moore's Hale Navy, (which took a while to 'grow on me'...ha), and so is not on my list of 'to do's'. 

I am attempting a DIY version of the lovely brushstroke lamp...please wish me luck. I already started the process of painting the ones I have, and am happy with the results so far. Most of the items in my design plan are in my possession which helps to dissipate my anxiety = ).

A very big thanks to my amazing sponsor Lamps Plus for their generous support in providing the lovely chandelier for this Challenge.  To see the room I am making over, go here.
Thanks again for following along and kindly take a look at what my fellow participants are up to so far. Please remember to check in every Wednesday and Thursday for all the bountiful excitement in the ORC.
Have a pleasant day/weekend!

Dining Room Makeover - ORC: Week 1

Today marks the start of the first week for guests participating in the famous Calling It Home's One Room Challenge. I am happy to report that I am a guest participant again, and will be decorating an adult space for the very first time! The ORC is hosted biannually, and includes 20 designers and more than 100 guest participants who design/decorate a space in just 6 short weeks. Each week, participants take us on their journey to reveal challenges and successes encountered along the way. The challenge culminates on week 6 when the final reveal is made.

Kindly follow along as I attempt to make over my dining room. To date, this is what the room looks like. I painted the room Benjamin Moore Hale Navy, but never did anything further to enhance its looks = ). I am not totally loving the dark wood furniture but will definitely be decorating around it. 

The room is not very large, and luckily I have only 3 walls to work with, as one side is open to 2 columns. Please revisit next week to see the plan I have for revamping the space. Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous day/weekend!
Don't forget to check in and see what the other guest participants are up to in this challenge.