ORC: Week 6 - Playroom Reveal!

 It is reveal day everyone, which simply means, "all pencils down!" Memories of my High School teachers echoing those words in my ears make me smile. As a student, it literally felt like a day of reckoning :-). Well, luckily for us participating in this challenge, we have an incredible host who allows for time extensions. We are given 3 days to submit our final reveal, after which submissions become closed. Considering, I used pencils in my playroom make-over, I can assure you every single one of them are in their place, all down :-).

Well, on with the tour:

Characters from Movie, "Inside Out". (My daughter drew them).

Magnetic board with foam and wood cut-outs (found here)...scenes are interchangeable. 
*Edited - I found the blog I got this idea from.

DIY Hanging Clip Boards 

DIY Play Kitchen 

Awning for kitchen made using vanity light shade.

Pencil Art/Chalkboard Wall

I originally made a pencil to hang as part of the gallery wall, but sadly, or should I say fortunately, it did not blend in very well. As a result, a new idea was formed, which included making a partner-pencil to create a roof for the chalkboard. Now, I think it has found a new home, where they both can actually shine. 

Doorway Puppet Theater

I wanted to use every inch of space in the room, so I incorporated a doorway puppet theater, a knock-off version of the one sold by Land of Nod. It is kept hanging by tension rods, and my kids can lift it up to go inside the closet without having it removed. My daughter's baby gym was used to make the outer pocket.
The puppets are Bible characters, David and Goliath. 

Added contact paper to line computer desk drawers

This is the first wall clock I ever purchased. We share a very strong connection, hence my need to incorporate it in this space. "Oh how much my taste have changed." Lol.

My favorite accessory in the room; the rug...these pictures do not capture its real beauty. 

Meet Chef Peyton (3 yrs.)

Amberlee the Artist (8 yrs.)

Pencils down = )

Does anyone else share this sentiment? = ) 
Regrettably, this is the last space I will decorate for my kids, well, for now.  It is bitter-sweet, because although they get to enjoy the space, I know I will miss the unlimited bursts of creativity 'seeping through my veins'. This feeling mostly occurs while in kids' mode. Decorating adult spaces usually keep me confined to a specific set of order, and rules.

Well, did you enjoy the tour? I hope so :-) You will find both the tutorial for the pencil, and the inspiration for hanging the paint brush, here.

Kindly visit Calling It Home where you will see plenty of inspirational photos to assist you with decorating your home. As usual, thanks for stopping by, and have an enjoyable day/weekend. = )


  1. This is so special, Delia! It turned out so well! I love the paint color with the striped wall, carpet, and all of the fun, bright pops of color. I can tell a lot of love went into this room; it shows in all of the unique, personalized details. That chalkboard! And that paintbrush wall art! And the puppet theater and the kitchen play area...so perfect! You did an awesome job. And your kids are adorable "modelling" their new play room.


  2. What an exciting space full of creative touches and inspiring "work [play] stations" ready for anything your children could dream up. They look like they're in seventh heaven.

    1. Thanks Merlyn :-). They were very excited to see it completed.

  3. Your playroom turned out adorable!! I love all of your attention to detail and the striped wall! Great minds think alike! :) Plus the spice rack turned knick knack organization is brilliant! I have an old one that maybe I could do that to! Great idea!

    1. Thanks Ruthie :-). I love your stripe wall as well. I wish I could take credit for the spice rack idea, but I saw it done somewhere and do not recall the site. Anyway, I had that thing for many years, unaware of what half the seasonings were..lol, so I thought, 'why not'.

  4. I love this! This space is seriously so fun. Perfect for pretend play.

    1. Thanks Corinna :-). What a fun Title to have named your blog. I love it! It literally made me smile :-).

  5. Hi Delia! Your kids' playroom came out amazing! I love the colors you chose. That rug is gorgeous! Your kids are adorable and I bet they are loving their newly revamped playroom. Congrats!

  6. I just LOVE this space!!! So creative! Love, love, love that gallery wall and the paintbrush art addition.

  7. I want to play in that room! You've thought of everything, what a great space for the kids!

  8. Fabulous room for your little ones!

  9. What a great space....and this smiling faces prove that it is well loved! Great job!

  10. Your kids playroom looks great Delia! I really like the gallery wall and the kids work stations. They all look really happy with how it turned out :).

  11. OMG this is beautiful and looks straight out of a magazine! So awesome!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away