One Room Challenge: Week 6 - Peyton's Room Reveal!!

Let me first say that it had been quite a challenge trying to keep my 2 year old locked out of his 'new' room :-)
He cried for a while and begged me to let him inside, but I did not want to spoil the surprise. Anyway, as of today, he 'waits no more'. I can report he is very "happy, happy, happy, happy".

The bed was originally a convertible crib which served as a very good investment.

This monogram art was a 'spur of the moment' decision. Initially, I had planned to use the map, but later decided against it, (it was too large for the space). Anyway, I am happy with the way the art turned out, considering, it was a DIY project. 

The wall lamps are 'dressed' in a lovely striped, orange, ribbon trim :-). They can be rotated as needed.

The trim on the roman shades, is just a wider version of that used on the lamps.

These fan blades were painted to match the color of the walls. It is such a 'cool' item to look at (pun intended),  :-) and by far, one of my favorite elements in the room. Its features include a 6 speed full function remote control, and a revolutionary quiet DC motor. It also has 2, 4 and 8 hour 
sleep timer and 1 minute walk away light delay....'so super cool'.

You may notice there is no specific theme going on here. I 
just tried to incorporate small touches of things little boys love.

Money Bank

One of my favorite baby pictures.

I made this shadowbox following inspiration from here. It was funny watching my son try to pry the cars out of the shadowbox, only for him to discover it was sealed shut :-).

The orange truck serves as a night light. It features a rechargeable battery, which requires you pressing down on it to turn the light on or off.

(Painted Ikea Latt table and chair set, with added padding for comfort). I followed this tutorial.

Storage for his drawing and writing tools.

My little one loves to be read to, so I know he will like having all these books on his wall.

I reupholstered this chaise which was originally pink. This provides a cozy spot for reading. The chaise belonged to my daughter, and I had to promise her a new one before she finally decided to give it up :-). 
Click here to see what the chaise looked like before.

DIY magnetic boards. My intention was to use these as stop lights; red, yellow, and green. I decided against it when I observed how much color the room already had. I think the neutral looks a lot better. I added magnetic strips to painted wooden cut-outs.

Well, that wraps it up for the tour, and as usual, I hope you were inspired. Thanks for stopping by, and also for the encouragement received during the challenge. It is much appreciated. Please head over to Linda's blog for even more inspiration.

Paint Colors: Behr Compass Blue MQ5-54D
Sheet set:  Target (apparently sold out)
Quilt Bedding Set: Target
Orange Blanket: Target
Orange Chevron Rug: Urban Outfitters (sold out)
Car Cushion: Target (sold out)
Side Table: Target
Thomas Money BankTarget
Letters for Monogram: Walmart
Dresser: Ikea
Bygel Rail: Ikea
Book Shelves: Ikea
Storage Boxes: Ikea
Red, blue, green storage boxes: Ikea
Red Mesh Basket: Ikea
Colorful Storage Cups: Ikea
Table and Chairs: Ikea
World Map: Michaels

Monogrammed Art
Initial Car Art
Alphabet Art (free printable)
Books Word Art
Magnetic Board

ORC: Week 5 - Peyton's Room Update

I tried to get as much done as possible, with the hopes of posting on time this week :-) I managed to get the book shelves painted, also the table and chair set. 
A peek of how the chairs look :-)

I also worked on reupholstering this chaise his sister gave him. Despite my many spot-cleanings, the original fabric was still covered in stains.
I found a similar fabric at Hobby Lobby. It is called "grey bubble micro fleece", or "minky dimple dots" on other sites.I still need to add the legs, as I removed them before reupholstering working on it.

Here's a before and after

My daughter outgrew the chaise, and my 2 year old fell in love with it. He sat in it every chance he 
After much begging,(children seldom like to part with their belongings), my daughter finally decided to give it to him.

My hubby will be installing the molding for the room this weekend, after which I will decorate.

Overall, everything is looking very good.
As a reminder, here is my design board:

Peyton's Bedroom Design

Please stay tuned for the grand reveal next Thursday. Have a great weekend, and continue to check in on the other linking participants .

ORC: Week 4 - Peyton's Room Update

I finally began painting the room. It is not done yet, as it needs another coat of paint. I used Behr Compass Blue in eggshell finish, and I love it! It is a very rich color. Surprisingly these photos make the color appear royal blue, but it is extremely dark.


I mentioned last week I was going to remove the ceiling fan blades and paint them navy. Well, I spray-painted them, but then proceeded to repaint the blades using the same paint I used on the wall. 

At first, I was a bit nervous as to how they would turn out, but fortunately, I have no regrets.

I also made this artwork for the room because my son loves cars. It was difficult to capture a good shot because of the glare. 

I purchased this rug This rug is a lovely purchase from Urban Outfitters. Orange accents blend nicely with the navy walls in the room.

Hopefully you have already checked out the other great talents  over at  Linda's. I am probably the last to post....(shame, shame), but I will not give up :-)

Have a great weekend!

ORC: Week 3 - Peyton's Room Makeover

After returning from vacation, my husband managed to install the ceiling fan. I must say that immediately after it went up, I decided to paint the blades. 

Fortunately, to my surprise, :-) he had no problem taking it apart. Next week, I will reveal the fan with the painted blades. I needed enough time to allow them to dry before putting them back up.

I am also working on painting six of these for his room. 

BEKVÄM Spice rack IKEA Saves space on the countertop Solid wood can be sanded and surface treated as needed.

I am trying to execute my weekly plans as much as possible. Please take a look at the other spaces over at Calling It Home. Thanks for stopping by. 

One Room Challenge: Week 2 - Peyton's Room Design Board

I am simply amazed by the number of Linking Participants who so willingly accepted this recent challenge. It is evidence of how important, motivation and encouragement are, to the execution of proper design.

This week, I am away on Family Vacation, so I did not get to physically change anything in the room. I managed, however, to put together a design board, visibly revealing my plan.

Peyton's Bedroom Design

 I also purchased few items for the room; one being this lovely ceiling fan which my husband promised that he would install, once we arrived home.

Well, that wraps it up for Week 2. Tomorrow, I will be returning home from my (road) trip, and that will afford me time to stop at Ikea, and do some more shopping. 

Please send some encouragement to the other linking participants who are actively progressing with their spaces. Thanks for stopping by :-)