One Room Challenge: Week 6 - Kids' Gender-Neutral Bathroom Reveal!

The day is finally here! After much anxiety, and worry, I am happy to report that, "I did it!" 

My children were extremely excited to see their new space, and were beaming with delight the first time they laid eyes on it. I am praying, that now, they will stay  out of my bathroom :-). 

The theme for the bathroom is "under the sea". I tried as much to incorporate little touches of things relative to sea life. 

The fishes appear to be naturally swimming in this photo. I love it so much because it creates the illusion of movement.

These wall art were made using pages of a storybook. I think they add a fun element to the bathroom. 

DIY Life Preservers made using mirrors 

What is a hippo doing in an 'under the sea' themed bathroom, you might ask. He was already part of the bathroom, so I decided to let him stay.
Meet Matey Anchors
The orange mirror is one of my favorites. I really ventured away from my comfort zone this time, and just 'went for it'.

The penguin is on the look out for

Eek! My son is crazy about this shark. Personally, I think it looks spooky, those eyes :-). 

I spray-painted the step stool which was originally pink, and added this fun saying, 'OUCH!' {If you are over 50 lbs, beware :-) }.

Legs added to vanity. 

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?!

I thought of a way to encourage my kids to use a hamper. Believe it or not, I made this having a sea monster in mind, until my little son accidentally saw it and shouted, "I see a sponge, I see a sponge!" Then it dawned on me, 'O.M.G., it looks like Sponge bob' (I kid you not). Considering I wash every other day, this size is perfect for such a task. Hopefully, my kids will be inclined to give their dirty clothes to Sponge bob. 

 This is a little water fountain I have had for more than ten years. Surprisingly, it still works. I did a little upgrading.
The fountain is battery-operated, which enables it to light up. The water also flows continually while it is on. 
Friendly reminder in pirate's term

...and one final picture
I am so happy everything is finally over.

A big thanks to Linda, the incredible host of this great challenge. Might I add, she takes the time out to visit each and every little blog. I really appreciate her. Thanks for stopping by, and do not forget to visit the other linking participants and also the designers to offer some support.

Happy Mother's Day! Have a great day/weekend!
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One Room Challenge - Week 5: Sneak Peek of Progress

I have been painting away at the white section of the wall, and seemingly the paint covered nothing. The bathroom was originally pink and green, so it required a lot of white paint to cover up the bright colors. 

That really slowed things down: installation of the accessories and molding, and also, laying of the tiles. 
Fortunately, all is not lost because I was able to work on (2 mirrored life preservers) for the wall.