I never dreamed I would be engaging in so many DIY projects when I purchased my daughter's Barbie dolls. After discovering a Barbie store display made by the famed, I decided to 'attempt' to make one for my daughter's Barbie dolls. Seriously, if you have little girls, you should check out her projects. They are super easy to make and made using recycled materials.

I am sorry but I do not have a tutorial as I just went along with hers. I used a large diaper box to make the store. I simply removed the top part (leaving the top open allows for more lighting), and also cut away at the front, to provide an opening for entry. Now are you ready to see what it looks like?.....

Here it is:

The shoe stands were made using toilet paper rolls cut to size, then covered with scrap book paper. The shoes I got from Amazon. They only fit the bendable Barbie's. I re-purposed some of our old clothes, (by 'our') I mean, my daughter's, son's, and mine :-) to make the clothes (they are wearing).

Do you see that lovely mannequin in the corner? My daughter was convinced it was a 
LADYquin, and not a MANnequin, since it was female. I gave up after a lengthy She can be quite the determined one sometimes. To make our "LADYquin :-) I simply cut out the frame of the plastic that encased one of the dolls. I then attached 2 wooden dowels to the bottom to form the legs, which I hot-glued to a pill bottle covered with metallic tape. To make the head, I used a gold Christmas ornament.

I also made the flower pot. I must say she was ecstatic when she arrived home from school to be surprised. As you can see, one side of the store(wall) was left undone. My daughter decided she liked it that way. Hey, who's complaining. That's less work for me. Oh, and another thing, she set up the scenes all by herself {my little creative 5 year old :-)  }.

Do you have a little girl/little girls? If so, do you create spaces for her/their dolls? Do share, please. Thanks.