Hi! I'm Delia, blogger at Song That Doesn't End.

I chose this outlet as a means of providing an escape route away from routine environmental performances, to venture into a place that reflects total self-expression.

 I love, love, love re-purposing items and decorating spaces, and very often take the initiative to do things myself. Whether it be painting, sewing, reupholstering, you name it, I do it all : )I try to do as much as I can on a limited budget. Even though it poses many challenges, it allows me to enhance my creativity, and promotes the driving force that fuels my passion. 

I believe homes should not be too pristine, but feel 'lived in', so I make my home personal by engaging in DIY projects. These projects get my adrenaline running, and help me create unique spaces

I enjoy a mix of traditional and contemporary styles (transitional). Please follow along as I decorate a home that reflects each my family's unique personalities.

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