ORC: Week 6 - Playroom Reveal!

 It is reveal day everyone, which simply means, "all pencils down!" Memories of my High School teachers echoing those words in my ears make me smile. As a student, it literally felt like a day of reckoning :-). Well, luckily for us participating in this challenge, we have an incredible host who allows for time extensions. We are given 3 days to submit our final reveal, after which submissions become closed. Considering, I used pencils in my playroom make-over, I can assure you every single one of them are in their place, all down :-).

Well, on with the tour:

ORC-Playroom Crunch time : Week 5

Excitement, fear, anxiety, just about every emotion creep up on you toward the end of the Challenge. Fortunately, I work best under pressure, and usually my 'thinking cap' fits more  firmly on my head during these times :-). 

The room is being decorated, and looks beautiful so far. Few more items arrived, and they did not disappoint. 

This indoor/outdoor Safavieh area rug for one, 

and also this lovely desk chair. I love them both!