A New Tab

Happy Spring!!

The days are rushing by rather quickly, and no sooner than we start a new season, than it very abruptly comes to an end. 

"Dear Lord, please help me make the best of each day, to let every moment count, and most importantly, realize tomorrow may never come."

Presently, I am  buried in projects that I so desperately need to execute. I find that I begin working on one thing, but end up moving on to another, and another...You do get the point right? "My brain has too many tabs open" lol. I am yet to figure which ones to close (sigh).

 Tab No.1
My daughter's mermaid dollhouse was on my list of 'to-dos'. I began by ripping the paper off the wall in the kitchen, and creating a banquette to seat all three girls, I mean ladies, ha! I still have a long way to go.

Tab No.2
How cute would my son look in a suit modified from his dad's? Hmmm...I loved the thought of it.

Tab No.3
Window treats are in the making. Well, at least one is complete.

 Tab No.4
O.R.C. Need I say more!? I will be a linking participant for the 4th consecutive time, and I am truly excited. As a matter of fact, I think I will make this my homepage, so every time my brain opens up I will get to see it :-) .

Now, do you notice how easily we can become distracted by the many things vying for our attention? We must fight to remain focused. It is a constant battle of the mind.


Have a great week, and please remember to follow along to see the upcoming One Room Challenge which begins this Thursday, April 2nd. Thanks.

How to Customize Dollar Tree Napkins

My kids needed place mats and napkins for dramatic play. 
I considered going the easy way (little plastic place mats), but during a trip to Dollar Tree, I encountered some lovely polka dot napkins with matching solid place mats. I was so excited, I purchased two napkins of different colors, and two different color place mats. I proceeded to cut the napkins in half (vertically), to make the the striped bottom consistent. I also added a green ribbon trim that I had in my stash, to make them look even lovelier.