How to Customize Dollar Tree Napkins

My kids needed place mats and napkins for dramatic play. 
I considered going the easy way (little plastic place mats), but during a trip to Dollar Tree, I encountered some lovely polka dot napkins with matching solid place mats. I was so excited, I purchased two napkins of different colors, and two different color place mats. I proceeded to cut the napkins in half (vertically), to make the the striped bottom consistent. I also added a green ribbon trim that I had in my stash, to make them look even lovelier.

The ribbon already had a stitch line going down the middle, so I was careful to stay on that line, while sewing.

I think they came out beautifully, don't you? I love them! Most importantly, the kids love them too :-)

Isn't it awesome, that after having experienced parenthood, we are inclined to go the extra mile to make our children happy!?
Have you made anything special for your little ones lately? If so, kindly share :-)

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Delia- I'm so happy I found your blog:)!!!! Greatly inspired and challenged! Hopefully I'll make something soon and post..😊

    1. Thanks Trish :-) Welcome to my little I'm glad you are inspired.