Jamaican Fruitcake Recipe

As a native of Jamaica, I experienced first-hand, the scrumptious meals, and unique cultural celebrations shared throughout the nation during the holiday season. 
Of the many foods consumed at Christmastime, my most loved was the black fruitcake my mom made annually for the family and loved ones at best. She upheld this tradition without fail and ensured that each of us, as kids, got our very own holiday cake. In an effort to revive those childhood memories, I try to bake these cakes for my family each time when Christmas comes around. 

I may be getting ahead of myself but personally, I think my cakes are just as delicious because, in my household, they are usually consumed within two days - full proof that they are a favorite among the family. 

Well, enough chit-chatting. Let's now delve into the hidden secrets of the batter 😋.
To make this delicious cake, you must first gather all the necessary ingredients.
These include