Fourth Of July Wreath!!!

Hey everyone! First let me say that I am new to "Blogland", and I am yet to discover the special techniques used to create a beautiful page. Anyway, I would like to show off my lovely "Fourth of July" wreath I made recently. I found the tutorial over on Lisa's page at BLJ Graves Studio: Fourth Of July Wreath. I made my purchases at the very same store, Dollar Tree, for the exception of a few carnations which I purchased at Walmart when I came up short on the white ones. You can also find similar carnations at Dollar General.

1 blue bouquet (each has 6 flowers)
3 red and 3 white bouquet (36 flowers total)
1 wreath form, glue gun ... glue sticks

I forgot to take a picture of the wreath form, but it is one of those that ressembles that of a twisted vine found at Dollar Tree. I simply removed each carnation by pulling it from its stem. Next, I used two per row to cover the wreath form. I started with the blue carnations to make for an easy flow, and I used six.

Now here she is, coming together..."Oh say, can you seeee..."  :-)

And there she is,  bravely standing on my door. "For the land of the freee, and the home of the brave".   Happy Fourth of July Y'all!