ORC - Playroom Update: Week 4

Hello everyone! Welcome back. I promised 'a little bit of pretty' this week, to compensate for my lack thereof in last week's post :-). Hopefully what I am about to show you, in some ways, qualify. 
The Pendant light for the space is first on the list. It arrived on Monday, and I am happy to say that I received help from Mr. G to both assemble and install it. The fixture looks so beautiful, and fits perfectly in the room. I wish I had a better camera in my possession to capture it's full beauty, (hopefully soon) :-).

Next up, are these stripes. My three year old son is a huge fan. His exact words, "mommy, it looks so nice!" Well, what do you know, I love that wall, too.

ORC - Playroom Update with Paint: Week 3

We are halfway into the One Room Challenge, and I have 'maximized my speed' in trying to get things done. 

"There is a first time for everything". Never in the history of me participating in the ORC, have I ever received such support. My little 3 year old volunteered to help me paint, (bless his dear heart), Mr G, and also my daughter. I truly appreciate every little help I can get :-).

To date, the playroom is being painted. The white wall to the left, will be done in stripes. Hopefully I will get this done before the week ends, so I can have the shade put up.

ORC - Playroom Design Plan: Week 2

It is already Week 2 of the One Room Challenge, and happily, I maintain my motivation to continue. While working on a few projects, I managed to put together a design board for the space. 

Playroom Design Plan
Few pieces from this plan, are already in my possession, so I will need to buy the remaining items. Excitement is an understatement, as I anticipate the fun work ahead :-). 

Next week I will have more to show as I persistently progress. Thanks for stopping by, and please remember to follow along with the team for lots of inspiration. Special thanks to Linda, our host. Have a great weekend!

ORC - Kids' Playroom Makeover: Week 1

Wow! Am I actually participating in the One Room Challenge again! Could someone please pinch me. I am beginning to think I have become addicted to this very alluring, and enticing event. Considering this will be my 6th consecutive makeover, I do admit to being hooked :-).

 As a result of being very busy lately, I thought long and hard about whether or not to join in. My kids' playroom is in dire need of 'help', so I just could not resist the compelling urge that nudged me into action. 

 For this challenge, I will be decorating "yes", another of my kids' space: the  playroom. I really enjoy seeing the look on their faces at the completion of these challenges.

I had begun work on it, but as per usual, lost the motivation to continue.

 Here are few inspirational photos I gathered from the Internet.