ORC - Playroom Update: Week 4

Hello everyone! Welcome back. I promised 'a little bit of pretty' this week, to compensate for my lack thereof in last week's post :-). Hopefully what I am about to show you, in some ways, qualify. 
The Pendant light for the space is first on the list. It arrived on Monday, and I am happy to say that I received help from Mr. G to both assemble and install it. The fixture looks so beautiful, and fits perfectly in the room. I wish I had a better camera in my possession to capture it's full beauty, (hopefully soon) :-).

Next up, are these stripes. My three year old son is a huge fan. His exact words, "mommy, it looks so nice!" Well, what do you know, I love that wall, too.

Last, is this toy storage unit. It is not very pretty, well, not yet. However, I painted the inside using a custom-mixed navy blue, to balance out the striped wall. Then, right after taking this picture, I added another shelf to the left side. It still needs a bit more work, during which I will add some pulls.

Well, as usual, thanks for stopping by,  and have a great weekend!
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