One Room Challenge - Week 5: Sneak Peek of Progress

I have been painting away at the white section of the wall, and seemingly the paint covered nothing. The bathroom was originally pink and green, so it required a lot of white paint to cover up the bright colors. 

That really slowed things down: installation of the accessories and molding, and also, laying of the tiles. 
Fortunately, all is not lost because I was able to work on (2 mirrored life preservers) for the wall. 

The mirror will be orange. I honestly stepped out of my comfort zone when I decided to do this, and I love it!

Well, I am currently working on the bathroom, and promise to have a fun reveal. Please return next week to see the finished space. The other linking participants are doing a marvelous job. Go over to Linda's and check them out. Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day/weekend!


  1. The life preserver mirror is so cute! Looking forward to the reveal next week!