One Room Challenge: Week 2 - Peyton's Room Design Board

I am simply amazed by the number of Linking Participants who so willingly accepted this recent challenge. It is evidence of how important, motivation and encouragement are, to the execution of proper design.

This week, I am away on Family Vacation, so I did not get to physically change anything in the room. I managed, however, to put together a design board, visibly revealing my plan.

Peyton's Bedroom Design

 I also purchased few items for the room; one being this lovely ceiling fan which my husband promised that he would install, once we arrived home.

Well, that wraps it up for Week 2. Tomorrow, I will be returning home from my (road) trip, and that will afford me time to stop at Ikea, and do some more shopping. 

Please send some encouragement to the other linking participants who are actively progressing with their spaces. Thanks for stopping by :-) 


  1. Have a great vacation. I wish I was on one. Love the fan.

    1. Thanks Linda :-) It was truly refreshing to get away.