ORC: Week 5 - Peyton's Room Update

I tried to get as much done as possible, with the hopes of posting on time this week :-) I managed to get the book shelves painted, also the table and chair set. 
A peek of how the chairs look :-)

I also worked on reupholstering this chaise his sister gave him. Despite my many spot-cleanings, the original fabric was still covered in stains.
I found a similar fabric at Hobby Lobby. It is called "grey bubble micro fleece", or "minky dimple dots" on other sites.I still need to add the legs, as I removed them before reupholstering working on it.

Here's a before and after

My daughter outgrew the chaise, and my 2 year old fell in love with it. He sat in it every chance he got...lol 
After much begging,(children seldom like to part with their belongings), my daughter finally decided to give it to him.

My hubby will be installing the molding for the room this weekend, after which I will decorate.

Overall, everything is looking very good.
As a reminder, here is my design board:

Peyton's Bedroom Design

Please stay tuned for the grand reveal next Thursday. Have a great weekend, and continue to check in on the other linking participants .