HomeRight Paint Stick EZ Twist Review : ORC - Week 6

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Hello everyone! Welcome to the final stretch of the One Room Challenge that involves 20 designers and more than 200 guest participants decorating a space in 6 short weeks. Regretfully, I posted nothing for week five so I worked hard this past week trying to catch up. You can refer back to each week to review my progress.
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I mentioned in a previous post that I planned on painting the bathroom ceiling before tackling the installation of the wallpaper. I had heard great things about the famous PaintStick EZ Twist, so I thought it would be a good idea to try it out. HomeRight was gracious enough to send me one immediately after I reached out to them, and, oh my gosh! Let me just say to you that this paint stick totally changed my "painting" life. First of all, I had no need for a drop cloth because there were absolutely no drips to contend with. Second, there was no reason to use a paint tray. Remarkably, the Paint Stick came with a fill tube which transfers the paint directly from the can to the stick, then finally to the roller. Last, it helped me complete the job in a very short amount of time.  

Do you see the tiny holes at the top of the stick? They feed the paint to the roller. 

Fill Tube

The tube has a clamp for you attach to the paint can, to keep it stabilized while you extract the paint. 
I was so anxious to start painting that I forgot to take a picture of how I did it. This photo, however, provides a proper demonstration of how the clamp works.

With just a gentle pull at the bottom, the paint is suctioned from the can and then passed through the tube to the stick, where it is finally dispensed onto the roller. As soon as you fill the stick with paint, carefully detach it from the fill tube, then gently push the bottom, to release the flow in preparation of painting. This step reminds me somewhat of a syringe, the kind you use for dispensing medicine to kids. The PaintStick EZ Twist works in a similar way, having more advanced features.


A continuous flow process enables you to paint without stopping, except for the purpose of refilling. I was incredibly amazed upon discovering I was able to provide full coverage to the ceiling, using only half a stick of paint. I only needed to refill once, which allowed me to finish up with a second coat.

The PaintStick EZ Twist provides an even distribution of paint to the surface. This completely "blew me away!" 

 Quick, Easy Strokes - No Drips

Throughout my many years of painting with a roller, I encountered frustration from having to continually dip the roller in a tray each time I needed more paint. Most of the time, the walls had tiny blotches caused by uneven distributions from using too much or too little paint on the roller. Well, this time around, I had absolutely none of that.

Let me just add how skeptical I was, at first, about using this product on the bathroom ceiling. I dreaded the drips, mostly because my flooring was already installed, and also, I did not want to get specks of paint all over the tub. I honestly expected it to work the same way a regular roller does. Boy, was I surprised! I saw no drips at all, and experienced zero difficulties in cleaning the stick after use. All I had to do was suction the water in and out of the stick a few times, and after that, it became as clean as a whistle. 

Hubby was equally anxious to test it out, and I watched in excitement as he exclaimed, "Wow, this is cool!" 

Now, here is the painted bathroom ceiling with the wallpaper added.

And...I will leave you with just a tiny snippet of the makeover before reveal day.

DISCLAIMER: I received the PaintStick EZ Twist Paint Roller for the purposes of testing it and reviewing it. I received no other compensation. All opinions expressed, are unbiased, completely honest, and 100% my own.

Thanks for stopping by, and please remember to check out the beautiful spaces being created by the other guest participants.
Have a great weekend!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Brandi :). I am anxious to see yours as well.

  2. Oh!! loving the wallpaper, sconce and ceiling paint combination Delia!! Amazing how that tint of color of the ceiling makes such a fantastic difference.

    1. Thanks Tim :). I was undecided about using color on the ceiling but finally decided on it at the last minute.

  3. Whoa! My eyes were like dinner plates as I read your rundown of the EZ Twist. Could this be the end of my hatred of painting with a roller?

    Love the wallpaper you chose! So fun, both vibrant and relaxing. Way to push through the ORC in spite of missing a couple posts! :)

    1. Thanks Kat :). I was honestly blown away by how easy this paint stick was for me to use. I am excited to try it out in other areas of the house that had been left unfinished. It is really a brilliant design.

  4. The light is amazing! Looking forward to seeing your finished space.