New Guest Bathroom Plan: Week 3 - ORC

With time swiftly passing, I catapulted into "Usain" mode, where I picked up some lightning speed  :). For those of you who are unfamiliar with the name Usain Bolt, he is a recently retired Jamaican sprinter, and is the first person to hold both the 100 and 200 meters world records since fully automatic time became mandatory. 

Well, before I delve into my situation, let me first say thank you to my amazing sponsor, Pfister who graciously partnered with me to redo this space. I am eternally grateful for the brands that help to support this blog.

Now back to basics - if you have been following along, then you might recall the design board I previously posted for my bathroom makeover here. The plan included a very bright floral wallpaper, colorful pom pom basket, and a tassel shower curtain. Well, I should let you know, I received the wallpaper in the mail, and was very excited to have it hung. But alas, to my dismay, after unrolling it, I watched as the bathroom quickly drowned in all its brilliance. It was difficult to accept that the wallpaper dominated and overwhelmed the tiny space, when held up against the wall. This disappointment quickly prompted a change, however, and here I am today, with a new plan of action; ready and anxious to execute. I have included links to the items in case you are interested in purchasing. 

Bathroom Design Revamp
Pfister tub and shower faucet I cactus art I deer head I wallpaper I paint I rug I shower curtain I waste basket I mirror  vase I soap pump I  I word art

Now that you have seen the pretties, let me introduce you to the uglies :)

Hubby, hard at work, trying to remove the vanity,


and, Tada! "vanity be gone". Additionally, go here for instructions on how to successfully remove a builder grade mirror without breaking it.
The toilet was taken out immediately after this shot was captured.

Plans are underway for new flooring, and tub/shower faucet installation, early next week. 

On another note, I anticipate painting the ceiling a beautiful pink 'blush' because I just love that soft color, and also think it compliments the wallpaper a lot. 
More to come next week as I work feverishly to reach the finish line. 

Kindly check out the other guests who also actively participate in this challenge. Thank you, and have a great weekend.

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  1. Love your bathroom inspiration! Can't wait to see the finished room!

  2. Loving your inspo board, are you going with the floral wall paper or the green wall paper? Either one is so pretty... can't wait to see your new vanity... that's always so exciting and makes such a big difference... Love all the gold too... I want it all over my house:)

    1. Thanks Summer. I will be using the green. The floral one overpowered the space so much. The sample appeared small but when I received the rolls, I was blown away by how large and bright it was. It would work better in natural light I suppose.