How To Remove Builder Grade Mirror with the Hopes of Re-using

Items You will Need

Safety glasses

Work gloves

Cutout wire

Masking Tape

An Assistant {technically not an item, but needful :-) }

  • Protect yourself by wearing safety glasses and work gloves before trying to remove the mirror.  
  • To begin, place the cutout wire behind both corners located at the top of the mirror, and try to pull it as tight as possible.
  • While pulling downward, slowly work the wire from side to side, separating portions of the mirror from the wall. 

  • The challenge will be greatest in areas supported by mounting adhesive. Do not become intimidated, just continue in a sawing motion until you cut through the glue.
  • Have an assistant on site to hold the mirror to prevent it from falling.
  • At this point the mirror will come free from the wall, after a little prying.
  • Look at your handy work, pat yourself on the back, and say, "I did it!". Also, remember to thank your assistant, without whom you never could have done it :-).

Have you tackled any projects around the house lately?

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