A Date with my Tummy

Have you ever wondered what your tummy might be thinking when you consciously fill it with undesirables? I know, I must be the only person who thinks this way. Well, occasionally, the little girl in me resurfaces, and you know what, I just let her be :-) .

Think of a date, specifically, the starting point of a relationship. We desire to please, so we focus primarily on our first impression. Similarly, when we prepare meals, we should seek to make the food desirable to our stomachs, at first bite, lol. 
Lately, I started developing healthier eating habits, only to discover my tummy becoming happier than ever. The food/tummy dates have become relatively impressive :-). Considering my West Indian background, I am often inclined to prepare spicy and flavorful dishes. However, the ability to modify some ingredients, enables me to still create tasteful meals that the rest of my family can enjoy.

Two of my favorites are 
1. Salmon burgers


2. Grilled Chicken-Spaghetti Casserole 

Surprisingly, I enjoy eating the salmon burgers, even though I have always believed the original burger meat (beef) should never be substituted. My stomach always feel a bit light when I eat this. I am never left with that stuffed feeling I experience after consuming regular hamburgers. 'Trident: Alaskan Salmon Burger', from Costco is my all time favorite. You can get a pack of ten for only $10.00 which is quite reasonable  considering the health benefits.

The Grilled Chicken-Spaghetti Casserole is also an extremely delicious choice. Whole wheat spaghetti is not my family's favorite, but can I share a secret? No one can tell the difference between that and regular spaghetti. 

My daughter says no to it when she sees me bring home the boxes, but often says yes to the meal when it is on the plate...lol. Add to that, a glass of grape juice, and I am suddenly transformed into 'a happy camper'.

I am positive my tummy will be smiling now for days to come :) 

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