DIY Felt Play Food Bacon

To eat, or not to eat? That is the question :-). 

 My breakfast appears quite yummy, and because bacon and egg is the most requested meal in the mornings, I just had to set the  

I was going through my fabric collection when I came across few unused items made out of felt. Immediately I thought, "I could use these to make play food." 

I quickly gathered my tools, scoured through Pinterest for ideas, and in no time had these cut out. Number one on the list was bacon! I made long, thin, serrated cuts from the red felt, and similar length strips (except thinner), from the white. 

To create definition between the fat and lean sections, I sewed the white strip down the middle.

Now, if there is bacon, there just has to be some eggs to go with it, right!?

The eggs were fairly easy to make as well. I basically cut out some nicely contoured 'egg-looking' shapes from the white felt. For the yolk, I used yellow cotton fabric, which I had in my stash, to cut out little circles. Please note: (yellow felt is best, as it stretches to create a 3D effect for the yolk). I only used fabric because it was readily available, and I was also too excited to wait :-).
Before stitching the pieces together, I made a tiny felt insert to give the yellow yolk some padding. Eggs, sunny side up, always appear somewhat dimensional.

How cute are these!? As a result of being soft and flexible, my kids can actually place them inside plastic eggs and pretend they are cracking real ones. 

Consequently, breakfast is served. I just need to make some pancakes to go with it.  YUM!

My kids were so elated with these, they stayed in the play kitchen ALL DAY. 
Have a great day/weekend!

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