One Room Challenge: Week 3 - Kids' Bathroom Primed

We are halfway to the finish line, and I am experiencing second thoughts about a-lot of things. Ideas seemingly flood my mind as I try my utmost best to execute former design plans. 

Despite my wavering mindset, I am determined to complete the project in the allotted time frame. Now this is what I managed to accomplish so far...

Wall Primed/Torn Drywall Sealed and Patched

You might notice also the missing light fixture. I need to paint the walls before the new one can be installed. I only primed once, and am thinking I need to add a second coat. Strangely though, I am missing all that 'delicious' pink and green, lol.

I also worked on this lovely stool, which was originally pink. It received a full paint-makeover.

The new color adds to the cohesive theme of the bathroom.

On to a few items from my recent purchases...

I love them but am worried if they will work in the space. Time will tell :-).
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Well, that's all for now folks! I hope you are enjoying all the lovely visual images offered to us by the many linking participants over at Linda's blog. 
Thanks for visiting, and have a great day/weekend! 


  1. It's looking great! Thanks for the words of encouragement last week! Fingers crossed we both get everything done! I'm not sure I will!

    1. Thanks Lianna. I hope you get it done, in your own time :-). The most important thing is having it ready for 'you'. Good luck!

  2. Love the Beach themed art, and I checked out your previous posts! Awesome job on the cabinets too! You are making fabulous progress! Looking forward to seeing how everything pulls together!