Guest Bathroom Makeover - ORC: Week 2

Well, after much pondering, I decided to join with the group of participants in the ever so famous One Room Challenge. It is now in its 10th season, and involves a group of designers and guests who make over a room/space in just 6 short weeks. The excitement comes from watching each of us push ourselves to the limit while working within time constraints; and might I add, the end results are always amazing! 

For this challenge, I will be making over my guest bathroom which unfortunately, is quite a mess in its current state. No worries, I created a design board to take my mind away from all the ugliness that surrounds me :).

Design Board

The floor tile I chose, is temporarily out of stock, so I am keeping my fingers crossed it will be restocked in time for me to complete the work. If not, I will need to go searching for something else. 

Here are some pics of the room as is...

The bathroom has two doors. One that opens to the guest room, and another that gives access to the hosts. 

 Bye bye popcorn ceiling. I had the popcorn scraped, and I am so happy right now because finally, I get to paint the ceiling. This has been a recurring dream of

 The vanity will be replaced

 Don't forget to  follow along as I try to transform this space, and likewise visit Calling It Home to see what the other guests have planned for their rooms. I trust everyone else is making headway, considering we are now in Week 2. Thanks for stopping by, and thanks to my amazing host, Linda for making this possible.
Have a great weekend!.


  1. This is such a pretty plan! I love that rug. Can't wait to follow along and see your finished room!

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you are participating again! I popped over the first week to see if you were and when you hadn't posted anything I was bummed. That design board is great and it's going to look awesome!

    1. Awww, thanks sorry you can't be part of this round. Unfortunately, I will need to revamp my design plan because I received the wallpaper (floral), and the print is huge. I ordered another and loves it.