Mudroom Wallpaper - ORC: Week 4

It's week 4 and I am lagging behind - seemingly. I had a very interesting week which I won't get into but thankfully I had the wallpaper installed and I LOVE IT! Time and time again I read where bloggers keep revisiting a space after a makeover. This always makes me smile a little because it is a commonality we all share, right? However, my obsession began right after this wild wallpaper print went up. Mind you, the room is far from being complete, yet I stop every moment, just to stare...ha!

This was my first time working with wallpaper but it was so easy to put up. Removable wallpaper is the way to go if you need something quick and easy with no commitment. I worked my way from the top, down and used a credit card to smooth out the air bubbles. That paper "aint going nowhere." 

"And I know-oo I'm never letting this go-ooo
I'm stuck on you
Whutooo whutooo
Stuck like glue" - Sugarland

On a side note, the shelf I ordered for the space was so low, we needed to bend our heads to sit. Remember this is an under-the-stair space so the sloped ceiling came down quite a bit. I came up with a new idea which will have me eliminating the bins. 

Check out these art I bought a while back from Kirkland's. They go so well with the wallpaper. I am having a change of heart, and the clock's a ticking.
Well, thanks for stopping by to check on my progress. With only two weeks left; yes, two weeks, I need to have wall hooks installed and art hung. That's all for now. 

Click on each link to see how I got to this point.

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 Week 4 (you are here). 

To see what everyone else is up to, go here. Have a very enjoyable weekend and please return next week for an update.


  1. That wallpaper looks great Delia! I would be stopping back by to pet it frequently too!

  2. Beautiful wallpaper, Delia! It looks amazing!!