Mudroom Progress - ORC: Week 2

Hello everyone! Welcome to week 2 of the One Room Challenge, where 20 designers and more than 200 linking participants redesign and decorate a space in just 6 short weeks. I am currently working on my mudroom, and as a reminder here is my design plan for the space. You can check out Week 1 here.

Over the weekend I proceeded to rip out the carpet, remove the wire shelf, and install flooring .

I also painted the unsloped section of the ceiling. I intend to cover the other part with wallpaper. It appears a bit sloppy right now but I assure you it will be neatly finished in the end 🙂.

Next up will be this stunning wallpaper that I am itching to see in place. I am totally in love with this print. On a side note, my son owns the set of Paw Patrol toys and my favorite in the group is, (you guessed it!) Marshall, the dalmatian. Moms seemingly cannot resist becoming trapped in the toy frenzy these days.

Despite how quickly each day passes, I cannot complain because I am blessed to be part of it. If I patiently stay afloat, and remain intentional, I will get to the finish line. Thanks for stopping by.
 I wish for you a very Happy and fulfilling Easter Weekend!
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  1. I love the wall paper! I'm doing a similar stencil in my laundry room closet... but i'm doing a different room for the ORC...Good luck and hang in there:) This challenge is sneaking up fast!

    1. Thanks Summer :). I originally thought of using a stencil but quickly changed my mind when I found the wallpaper at Target on clearance. I paid only $19.99 and a stencil would have cost me more - money, labor etc haha. The lazy bone in me :)

  2. Whoa! You accomplished sooooo much! It is going to look so great! I love the flooring choice and the wallpaper!

  3. That wallpaper is AMAZING!!! Cannot wait to see the progress!!!