Mudroom Necessities: ORC- Week 3

Am I dreaming, seriously, are we really in week three? I am truly amazed by how fast the days creep up on us. I remained totally oblivious so much so that I nearly missed our day of posting. I had to remind myself of what day it was to ensure I had it correct. Anyhow, progress is guaranteed. Even though I did not get much done, I was happy when the set for the mudroom arrived. Thankfully, my spouse put it together so I could have something to show today 😊.

The pieces are exquisite! Well, to me they The top is a shelf and coat rack in one. There is also room for hangers on the metal rod. 

The bench fits perfectly in the space and provides storage for shoes underneath. I "hope" to make a seat cushion for it...wish me luck. 

For some reason, I feel nervous about putting up the wallpaper. I guess I am afraid I might ruin it. Well, fear or no fear, sooner or later I will need to do it, so, "wallpaper, here I come!" :). 

As usual thanks for stopping by, and have an enjoyable weekend! Don't forget to check out what my fellow participants are up to this week as well. 


  1. The weeks where not much happens are so hard! But it will be ok, we will finish this! Those pieces look like they will add so much functionality to the space, great choices.