The Pink And Green Bathroom

Hi everyone. I have been MIA for a while now, and it is solely because I was trying to learn more about the 'world of blogging'. I started out on a mere whim, not knowing what to expect or how to fully establish myself. However, I have since become more educated, and am now excited to continue posting, and also to watch my blog grow.

Today I would like to share part of my home that has been my little girl's space for a few years. I must say, this will be the first, and last you see of this room. This is mainly because I plan to redecorate to provide room for my 1  1/2 year old toddler who is a boy. I need to create a gender-neutral space, so they both can be happy.

 I now bring you........
The Pink and Green Bathroom! That's the name my daughter gave the bathroom soon after I painted I made the shower curtain from this fabric Braemore Twister Spring.

Believe it or not, I found 4 of these artworks at Goodwill thrift store. They were only $3.93 per sets of two. So I paid $7.86 for 4 lovely pieces. They all had different photos of fish arts.

I only have pictures of 2 because I took apart the others  to add to my daughter's room decor. I posted a picture of the price written on the back of the frames which were taped together in twos. As you can see they were very reasonably priced, considering they are so pretty :-) and might I add, strong.

This photo was taken just for fun. The mirror is to the left of the flowers. Do you notice the letters 'SP" on the wall, showing through the mirror? Well, I had started to stencil the quote, "Splish splash, taking a bath" but discontinued because I will need to repaint very soon.

The hand towel was a Pottery Barn Kids' find. I like the way it ties in with the color of the room and also connects with the polka dot theme. Unfortunately, they no longer have this item.

The rug was also purchased from Pottery Barn Kids, sadly they are out of stock. The plastic container is from the Dollar Tree. It houses all her water toys. Do you notice the shower curtain has a light green dot with pink border, similar to the rug? Amazing! I really like the juxtaposition of these three items.

On another note, don't you just love the Dollar Tree? I mean the store has so many resources for organizational purposes.

I purchased the tissue holder stand at Ross. The space between the toilet and original holder was so wide, my daughter literally had to stand up to reach it. :-(

Well, I will work on this bathroom and re post when I am done. Thanks for reading! using

Do you decorate using bright colors, or do you like to play it safe? Please share your ideas of spaces you like to see done using bright colors? Let me know your thoughts.


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    1. Thanks a lot. Such a pity I'll have to redecorate now that it will be shared with her brother.