Laundry Room REVEAL!

Well, hello there! I hope everyone had a fun and exciting weekend. The days go by so quickly, that it appears as though time has been cut short. Although this is seemingly so, we must find time to do the things we deem important. 
I am extremely grateful each day that I get the chance to see its new dawning. I try to get a little DIY project in every now and then because I currently have so many unfinished ones. My daughter claims I do a lot of projects, and my husband says, and I quote, "you are always doing projects." lol
"Of course, there's always something to do when you own a house".

Another of my completed project is my laundry room. 

As you may notice, the room is very small, so I try my best to make it work. 

 The rug was purchased at Target, and served as inspiration for the room. The ironing board cover was a DIY that I made using this fabric. I placed the fabric on the diagonal to add more interest.

Small details.....

 This drying rack is hidden behind my door. I do not put my children's clothes in the dryer. I discovered that by doing this, air-drying reduces shrinkage.

Thanks for viewing my small space. I hope you enjoyed it. Does size matter, when it comes to laundry spaces, or is it function over size? Let me know what you think.


  1. Those boxes are beyond adorable! And I love that light fixture!

    1. Oh you are too sweet Jenna. Thanks very much.

  2. Wow, that's a great space for laundry! Super bright and cheery.

    1. Thanks Brandi. It is such a small space but I try to make it work :-)