Sassy Girls' HOME TOUR

Well, before you get a chance to tour this lovely home, let me first introduce you to its owners. They are none other than three sassy and beautiful mermaid dolls. First there is Bluey (the oldest sister), next, Purpley (the middle sister), and last but not least, Yellowy (the youngest).

They are mermaid sisters from Dollar Tree. I first noticed them while looking for a princess tiara last Christmas. I fell in love instantly and purchased all three colors of each. Hence the now, mermaid house. The house and many other projects were diy.

Well welcome to the home tour....

The House

 [Yellowy having breakfast]

 Living Room
 [Bluey watching tv]

Purpley's and Yellowy's Bedroom - before wallpaper


Bluey's Bedroom - Oldest sister


Playroom - in attic :-)

Well, that completes this lovely tour. It is time for our nap say Purpley and Yellowy. We will see you all later.

 Do come again says Bluey. You all are welcome to....................

 ..........have tea with us anytime you wish

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