Is it a Clock? 'O' Yes!

Hi everyone. While putting together this post, I thought of the statement, "Just because you don't see it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist". Such was the case of my 12 year old clock. I loved it because it had a homely feel to it. I held on to it, with the hopes of using it to decorate my children's playroom. I could not think of any approach to take in terms of decorating with it.

Well, as if struck by lightning :-) I immediately thought of my clock when I saw Jen @ Iheartorganizing post pictures of her playroom. She substituted a round mirror for the letter 'O' to spell the word TOYS.

Just because I didn't see the letter "O" didn't mean it didn't exist :-). {I hope my attempt to explain myself was understood}.

Well, here is the finished product...

Unfortunately, I do not have a before picture to show, but this pendulum was removed in the process. It provides an accurate representation of the clock's previous color.

And here it is hanging on the wall in the playroom. I just love it!

As you can see, I painted the round exterior part, red to make the letter 'O' more dominant. I decided to do the remainder, white so as not to compete with the letters. I purchased the letters from Hobby Lobby. I bought the 13" Jumbo Letters one at a time using my 40% off coupons. They were originally $3.49 each. The letters were natural wood, so I spray-painted them red to match the color scheme of the playroom. I used medium sized command strips to attach each letter to the wall because they are not made with hanging attachments. I have started to use command strips on varied projects in my house.

My daughter truly loves her clock, oops, rather her TOYS sign.
What do you think about using art or objects to replace letters in kid's spaces? Are you in favor of it or not? Let me know your thoughts, please. Thanks for reading.

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