Tween Girl's Bedroom Redo - ORC: Week 2

Wow, Week one of the challenge flew by so quickly and I just can not believe we are already in Week two. Happily, I made some progress with painting the walls and getting the popcorn ceiling scraped. The ceiling was not previously mentioned in my plan 😊, however, I thought it would be fun to try something new.  I am still contemplating what tone would work well, or if I should use a certain technique to spruce it up. But knowing me, something will definitely strike my fancy at the last minute.

Here are a few accessories I picked up for the room

Well here are some photos of what I have been up to at this point.

I painted the room and I love it! While the former bright colors were lovely, I am enjoying a new look for a change. 

 Here's the yummy-looking paint that I used on the wall. It is Basin Blue by Behr and it corresponds with one of the shades my daughter initially requested. Actually, I was given two choices, light blue or purple and I went with my gut feeling. Of course, she has no idea what color I selected because she wants everything to be a surprise. Can you blame her? Who doesn't like a good surprise?

Popcorn Be-gone! POOF! Currently, this look is giving me some serious inspiration. 

My 6-year-old son asked me, "Mommy, did they really make the ceiling out of popcorn?"
 (Poor soul 😃) Ha! I don't think it would've lasted if they had. 

As a refresher, here's what the room looked like a week ago.

...and now to revisit the plan that was revealed to you in Week One

The Plan  (edited)

1. Paint the room
2. Scrape Popcorn ceiling
3. Paint the ceiling
4. Paint the desk
5. Paint the closet
6. DIY a mirror 
7. Hang wall art 
8, Organize the closet
9. Replace the light fixture 
10. Update brass door knobs

As you can see,  it's slowly coming along folks. Thanks so much for following.  I truly appreciate it. Check back next week to see how I transform a basic mirror into something more stunning. Also, remember to stop by the ORC linkup and spread some love to the rest of our fellow participants. Lots of blessings for today and always.

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