Knock-Off Mirror for Girl's Bedroom - ORC: Week 3

Week Three of the One Room Challenge is upon us folks! Need I say more?

 Between my daughter taking the Milestones exams and my son celebrating his birthday last week, I barely got anything done.

On another note,  I fell in love with this wood beaded mirror and figured I could get away with a knock-off version except that it has more of a rectangular shape. 

Personally, I believe every princess needs a full-length mirror in their bedroom for form and function.
And we all know that the right frame adds style to a room, making it look more elegant... agree? Additionally, if mirror frames are elaborate in design they can greatly enhance the look of a room.

As a starting point, I picked up this very inexpensive mirror that I decided to customize. 

I ordered some ping pong balls online which I think mimicked the look of the large beads in my inspiration photo and simply went to town with my trusty glue gun.

I just worked my way around the perimeter of the frame while carefully hot-gluing each ball into place. (I sincerely apologize for the poor picture quality of these photos as they were done in a rush).

And there she is 123 balls later, my very own knock-off mirror, just waiting to be spray-painted to achieve a bit more visual appeal.
Edited: By the way, I received this beautiful capiz pendant for the room and I'm loving it. Hopefully, I'll get it hung next week - fingers crossed.

The mirror is one more thing checked off my list - Yipee!
1. Paint the room
2. Scrape Popcorn ceiling
3. Paint the ceiling
4. Paint the desk (maybe)
5. Paint the closet
6. DIY a mirror 
7. Hang wall art 
8, Organize the closet
9. Replace the light fixture 
10. Update brass door knobs

I must be the last of the many hard-working guest participants to link up today but I am so glad I made it. Whew!
Thanks for reading and have an enjoyable weekend!
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