A Touch of Metallic - How to Spray Paint Brass Knobs - ORC: Week 5

Week 5 has arrived and oh how quickly it came!
As of yesterday, this was the situation regarding the door knobs - Old, dated shiny brass. 

Fast-forward to today -I removed the knobs, hinges, and strike plates from the door and gave them quick coats of 

*Edited* - Note: Should you decide to take on this project, you need to pay close attention to how the plates are installed (or, you could just check the other doors in the house). This is important when putting the door back up.

Just lay out all the pieces on an impermeable surface to protect your paint area. In this case I used a huge piece of cardboard.

I inserted the screws into a piece of cardboard to get to paint the tips (Foam would have worked as well). I needed them to have the same color as the plates. I also used a light sander to scuff up the knobs to make the paint adhere to them.  

The spray paint was so easy to work with, and having a newly designed nozzle, made the job less tedious. After 3 full coats, they were ready. However, I thought it best to wait a few days for the paint to cure. Of course that's a personal preference.

The results yielded a very beautiful shade of bronze. I like it  A  LOT! It reads grey on screen but it is actually a metallic bronze. If you look closely you will see the tiny specks of metallic. Believe me when I say the result is amazing.

Here's a before and after so you can see the difference.

Untitled #14

There is not much to show for this week because I am saving it all for the grand reveal next Thursday. Please return to see the completed space all decked out :)

Thanks for stopping by and have an enjoyable weekend!
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  1. Those look so good, Delia! Great way to update them, I may have to try that with ours!

    1. Thanks Danielle. They were so easy to do because the spray paint is also a primer.