One Room Challenge: Week 5 - Nearly There!

We are now in week five of the One Room Challenge, and I am feeling, "Happy, happy, happy, happy...." (song by Pharrell Williams). My 2 year old sings that line all the time :-). 

I checked off a few more things from my 'to do' list, so I am pleased with the progress I have made so far.

The tape took up some of the white paint when it was removed, so it needs a little touching up.

Curtains completed/spray painted curtain rings to match rod

Do you remember this ribbon trim I showed you for the curtains last week? Well, I cut it down the middle and got a lot more use out of it. 

I was able to use some to add trim to a blanket I made for my daughter's doll bed. I also added a little flower to make it a bit more "girly". My daughter loves this bed. It has a cute little trundle at the bottom (this was a gift from her Godmother). 

This bookcase will be placed inside her closet. It was purchased at Target as additional storage for my laundry room, but did not work well in the space. I lined the back of it and used it to house her purses and shoes. I also added a wine crate to the bottom shelf, which I cut in half, vertically, to create a riser.  

I am really excited! To think that this room is near complete creates such an awesome feeling :-)

Thanks again for stopping by. Please return next week for the final reveal, and remember to go and check out the spaces of the other linking participants. They have made great progress as well. 


  1. I just love the colors you have used here. So bright and cheerful. I have to admit I wouldn't have thought of that combination! It's look'n good!

    1. Thanks Maureen :-) Those are her favorite colors (pink and green).

  2. Oh its going to look so cute! Cant wait for the big reveal!

  3. Everything looks great, but I really love the decorated closet. If anyone will appreciate that it's a kid. It's like a little play house :)

  4. So smart to cut that trim in half! Looking good!


  5. The curtains are so pretty! I love the trim. :)

  6. Everything looks so pretty! I can't wait to see the reveal next week!

  7. looking so pretty. good luck this week

  8. Your drapes with the pink trim are so cute! And what a great idea of cutting trim down the middle! Can't wait to see it next week!
    -Lauren @thisgirldecor

  9. This room is so bright and cheery! LOVE the curtains and I may have to copy this fab pink striped closet for myself ;-)