From Bassinet To Girl's Desk

My 6 year old daughter requested I put a desk in her room, during a recent bedroom make-over. I needed one that would fit in a tiny space between two doors, so this initiated a  very long search. After a deal to purchase a desk/chair set, from Craigslist fell through, I decided I had to make one. I had no idea did not know how I was going to make this happen.

Then, one morning as I entered the garage, I noticed the Eddie Bauer bassinet my children used as babies, and the idea struck me, "Why not use the bassinet to make a desk". 

 I forgot to take a before picture (I was too This is a replica of the bassinet.

I took it apart, and removed the hardware.

After doing this, I noticed both the arched tops had flat centered parts. As a result, I determined the arched sections would become the legs. (If you look closely to the left, you will see the flat section, right next to the 3 holes) 

My husband modified it to fit the space, and entrusted me with the job of painting it :-)

Now here it is in my daughter's room.

We attached it to the wall, to ensure added security.

I also made two desk bags, in the contours of its legs. These provide storage for her books clipboard, calculators etc. (A tutorial on the bags will be created soon)  :-)

I hope you were inspired :-). Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend!


  1. Wow, who would have thought, very innovative! Looks great!