ONE ROOM CHALLENGE LINKING PARTY - The Plan for my Daughter's Bedroom

I just cannot believe the time has finally come for us to participate in another One Room Challenge. A big thanks goes out again to Linda, our gracious host. 

For this challenge, I will be decorating my 6 year old daughter's bedroom. I painted the room four years ago {yes, that long:-) }. Sadly, to date, there are no accessories on the wall, no bed covering, and also no storage unit. My daughter loves the wall color, but requests I make the room fun and "girly". I would also like to incorporate another color, or two, to add dimension to the space. 

Inspiration and Plan

Daughter's Bedroom


Girls Bedroom

Add duvet

Replace curtains

Get dresser

Organize closet

Add rug

Add art



Change out lamps (contemplating)

Accessorize (art, pin-board, photographs)

I am really excited to complete this room. Please follow along, and do not forget to check out the other linking participants of this One Room Challenge.


  1. Can't wait to see this room transform! Our daughter loves lalaloopsy too!! We are tackling our master bedroom in the ORC. Good luck!
    Kendra @

    1. Thanks a lot Kendra! I am rethinking the comforter. I might just get some lalaloopsy wall decals...I'll see.

  2. It looks cute as is, but I can't wait to see you enhance it even more!!

  3. Thanks Traci! It is pretty much bare for the exception of the bed and side tables.

  4. Hi Delia, nice to see you back for another round. I love your daughter's room plan. I know how talented you are, so this will be fun to watch. Good luck.

    1. Thanks Linda. I would not have missed this for the world :-) Good luck to you too.