Simple and Pretty Fall Leaf/Pumpkin Pillows

I love the warmth that the season of Fall brings; the cool temperatures, and the colorful leaves on the trees. Red, yellow, orange, and brown are its traditional colors, and so today, I made my very first Fall pillows using red felt decorations purchased from Dollar Tree. I saw this one , and I loved it so much I decided to make my own.

I used both a pumpkin and a leaf decoration to make two pillows.

Felt decoration from Dollar Tree 

18″ pillow insert

18×18″ burlap fabric (front)

Off white Coordinating fabric (back)

White thread


Layed felt leaf on burlap fabric, then pinned it before sewing

 I simply pinned the decoration to the burlap fabric, and persevered as I carefully stitched around the curvatures of the leaf. This is a simple task which requires much focus in order for it to be completed. I felt happy as I noticed how pretty it began to look.

The burlap was not at all difficult to work with. This type of  fabric tend to stretch a little at times while being sewed, but this time it "behaved" lol.

I love the contrast between the burlap and cotton fabrics.

I did not make envelope pillows simply because I do not believe the felt can be washed. Considering they are seasonal, they should hold up well.
"Give it a try, and you'll be as completely happy as I" :-)

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