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July marks the end of summer for kids living in the south. Fun days are over, and on this side of the globe we are chanting, 'A' is for August, and it's back to school again. Well, if we make learning fun, kids will never even notice the difference. My 4 year old started preschool at home and he is super-duper excited and eager to learn. 

At the end of each day, he asks, "Mommy, is there anything else for me to do". I mean, this makes me happy but I must admit, I was taken aback by his level of enthusiasm. 

 We begin each morning with our calendar which I use to teach and enhance his math skills. It comes laminated in the front but I laminated the numbers and simply added tape to the back for him to stick on each day (this is temporary as I plan to get some tacky glue soon). I have always wanted to get him a preschool calendar, and I found Scholastic Teacher's Friend Super Sunshine! Calendar Bulletin Board to be the perfect fit for our little room. I purchased it from here

Doesn't it make you happy just looking at it? The calendar really cheers up the room and brings the sunshine in {pun intended :-) }.

My little man was also elated when I received this bulletin board set. When I saw it, I just had to get it for him. The set has different outfits that he can change to fit the weather of the day; outfits for rainy days, sunny days, and snowy days. He loves dressing him up. 
Added hat, sunglasses shirt, shorts, and shoes
    Also enclosed in the set was a season's chart and a weather chart. The room is looking so cheery now.

We are currently working on letter C, and he gets to underline all the letter C's he finds in the C poem.
These lidded containers are so versatile. I use them to store bulletin board accessories among other things.

My little man loves painting, and I cannot wait for him to try out these no spill paint cups and brushes. They come 10 in a set each cup has a matching color-coordinated brush. The brightly colored lids allow you to easily identify the color of the paint inside, and the outer lid securely seals cup while inner lid keeps paint from spilling and serves as a brush holder.

I use a letter from an alphabet foam mat to create our "letter mystery bag". In it you will find lots of small items beginning with our letter of the day. We also use it to play  the "what's missing game". You can purchase a similar one here.

Multiplication Chart for my 9 year old

This book can be found online. It is without a doubt, very hilarious. A little girl nervously counts down the days to when she will start kindergarten. She is fearful because she cannot tie her shoelace, so she does silly things to her shoes to avoid wearing them. You will have to buy the book to know the rest of the story sorry :-).  You may notice, I try to incorporate as much as possible that relates to the letter discussed. 

I made two books using letter and number instructional accents; similar found here. I then used my trusty hole punch along with binder rings to secure alphabet and number cards to use as a booklet. I bought mine at Dollar Tree but you can also purchase 100 from here. With this method, little man can flip the cards to represent the number of the day (date), and the letter of the day.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you are inspired to prepare for another exciting school year. Have a great day.

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