Cheap Art for the Frugal at Heart

Is it just me, or does the cost of 

expensive art sometimes leave you

 stunned. While perusing a popular 

website, I came across this painting. It

 was priced at a whopping $1,699.95 

marked down from  $6,000. It is called 

"Cotton Picking".

I researched the artist's name and 

discovered she is from descendants of

 artists. What baffles me the most is that 

although these paintings are costly, they

 sometimes appear simple in 

appearance. By simple, I mean,

 something my 6 year old could whip up.

 I am by no means discrediting talented 

artists, I am just expressing my own 

interpretation of what I see. Does 

anyone else feel the same way at 


Well, enough of the expensive talk. Let's

 get down to the cheap talk. After all, 

"talk is cheap", isn't it? :-)  Take a look at

 all the cheap poster prints I scored at

 Michael's recently. I happened to see a 

huge bin on the outside with a sign

 marked $1.50. Really! I mean, ladies 

were digging in when I pulled up at the


This is a very popular John Audubon "heron" print. It is the same size as  this one 24" x 18", being sold for a whopping, are you ready? $49.99.

As you may notice, the print was marked down from $32.99, and although the ticketed price reads $3.00, it scanned at $1.50.

There were several of these photographic prints (eucalyptus plant)

This one has a variety of colors, hence the reason I like it :-)

These two I bought for my daughter's bedroom.
Well, thanks Michael's :-) Awesome deal!
Have you scored any great deals lately?


  1. I agree with certain genre of art that a child can paint it. I have been creating artwork most of my life and I feel they take a little more skill than some of the one out there that cost an arm and a leg. I love the gorgeous prints you found at Michaels, that's a score!

    1. Thanks for responding Sherry. My utmost respect to you as an artist. I have seen work that really blew my mind as well. I think it's just abstract art that I do not understand :-)